Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association

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Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Holers

General Meeting Notes

Date 1/23/18


President Calls Meeting to Order at 11:54AM

Board members in attendance: Judy Rice, Beth Gillette, Sharlene Coates, Julia Strom, Roberta Kessler, Joanne Plasse, Judy Thibeau, Judy Gagnon, Betty Healy, Doris McClintock, Raylene McSally

Judy read some words of wisdom from Mother Theresa

Secretary –

The minutes were posted on the website for everyone to read.

Patty Wright made a motion to accept the report as written, seconded by Lyn Pfenninger, motion passed unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was read by Beth Gillette.  See copy provided by Beth.


Vice President’s Report

Roberta Kessler received 4 invitations for ladies invitational’s:

  1. 2/12 The Majors (2 person teams) anyone wanting to participate should submit their own application directly to the Majors
  2. 2/13 BFB 9 Holers $20pp includes lunch.  All proceeds go to the food bank
  3. 3/16 Sebastian $50pp due by 2/23
  4. 4/3 Indian River Colony Club, Viera “save the date” 4 person teams, more info to follow

Roberta will post these in the 18 Holers book, she will collect and submit to the various clubs for anyone wishing to play


Director of League Play Report

  1. Joanne Plasse thanked everyone who prepaid for the CTP tournament, it made it much easier and less confusing for everyone. 
  2. At the November meeting Julia Strom announced we are not using the surplus money from the 2017 Ladies Invitational to supplement the Christmas lunch.  We will use to increase prize money.
  3. Joanne explained how we will pay out prize money for 2018.  We will pay 4 places but no ties.  We will card off by stoke holes to determine winners.  We will pay $5, $4, $3, $2 in each flight.
  4. Asked everyone to please be careful when writing your name on CTP flight sheets.  Be sure you use the correct flight sheet.
  5. League handicaps are how up to 36
  6. T-times start at 8:00AM or a bit later.




Handicap Chairperson

Brenda Duke asked everyone to be careful when adding scores.  Please check with team mate keeping second card to make sure your math is correct.  If you adjust the total score make sure you adjust the individual hole scores to match.  The handicap (and ringer board) uses the individual scores on each hole, make sure they are correct.


Special Events Chairperson

Sharlene thanked everyone for supporting the CTP tournament.

She announced her last duty as the special event chairperson will be the Ladies Invitational to be held on 3/13/18, the theme is “Glamour Gals in support of Breast Cancer”.

Sharlene is looking for two people to contact the American Cancer society for the Ladies Invitational tournament.  Please see her after the meeting if you wish to volunteer.

The quiz at the CTP tournament was well received.  The answers to the questions were announced.


Social Chairperson

Julia Strom thanked Gail Morrison for picking up the lunch subs from Publix and Roberta Kessler for making the pasta salad.

Arrangements have been made with the Yellow Dog for our Christmas luncheon to be held on 12/5/18 at 1PM


Membership Chairperson

Betty Healy announced we have 65 members, the 4 new members are:  Dianne Kallop, Joanne Beyer, Elaine Stevenson and Debbie Smyk.  Sharlene provided welcome gifts for each of them.


Sunshine Chairperson

Judy Thibeau announced cards were sent to:

Patti Bracci who had her appendix removed

Cookie Shaw who had a hip replacement and

Eileen Parsons who also had a hip replacement


Rules Chairperson

Cookie Shaw resigned since she is recuperating from a hip replacement.  Doris McClintock has agreed to fill this position.  Doris created a rules etiquette sheet that was included with the score card for each team today.  We were to each read, initial and return the sheet upon completion of play today. 




Beth made an announcement of a little known rule which is when all people are on the green except one and that one elects to remove the pin and has a putter in hand, the person who is farthest from the pin regardless of being on or off the green goes first.  This applies when the pin is removed and the person off the green is using a putter. 


Old Business



New Business

Raylene announced we received a letter from the HOA announcing a golf tournament to raise funds to support the efforts of the HOA.  They are also looking for donations and hole sponsorship.  A copy of the tournament signup sheet will be placed in the 18 Holer book.  Raylene made a motion to make a $40 donation for a hole sponsorship, Judy Skene seconded.  The motion carried with one opposed.

Raylene indicated she sent out an email to all league players announcing the Ringer Board would be started on 1/16/18 but would not include 1/23/18 since it was a tournament.  But, since it was an individual tournament and everyone played their own ball out we can include this date in the ringer board.  Everyone agreed to this change. 

Judy Thibeau announced the 50/50 raffle started at this meeting.  She proposed the 50% prize be split up into 3 prizes of $25 each.  This met with approval.



Betty Bartowiak gave the blessing.



Meeting adjourned at 12:31PM

Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association

General Membership Meeting

November 14, 2017


President Judy Rice called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Judy read the poem by Mother Teresa, entitled, ‘Do It Anyway’.


Secretary’s Report- The minutes from the last General Assembly Meeting  were posted on the website. Secretary RuthAnn Funari, asked if there were any changes or additions.    Brenda Duke motioned to accept the minutes. Mary Ann Martin seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report- Beth Gillette reported a bank balance of $3,132.10. $1,241.00 of the balance is the CTP, Hole in One, Ringer Board, and Clean-Up/ Bar Fee. Judy Thibeau made the motion to accept the Treasure’s Report. Sharlene Coates seconded. The motion carried.


Vice President’s Report-  Roberta Kessler spoke about our annual Christmas Charity Donation.  A suggestion was made to continue donating to Serene Harbor.  As previously discussed,  $143 of the proceeds from money raised during our Invitational will be donated, in addition to money raised during our Christmas lunch.  Gail Morrison made a motion to donate to Serene Harbor  and Debbie Lindstrom seconded. The motion carried.


Director of League Play- Joanne Plasse reported on the Golf Genius System, which is now in use, and passed around a list of all members, so the correct GHIN number and email address could be verified, and corrected, if necessary. Joanne again reminded members that requests for a special game, or the name of someone to golf with would be honored.


Handicap Chairperson- No report.


Special Events Chairperson - No report.     


Social Chairperson- Julia Strom reported that the Holiday Luncheon will be held this year at Yellow Dog Restaurant on 12/6. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board and the deadline is 12/1/17.    Members have requested that in the future, we consider a later start for the luncheon than 11:30.


Julia announced that the Board of Directors met to discuss defraying the cost of the Christmas lunch with profits made from the Invitational.  However, a decision was made to increase the league prizes to $5, $4, $3 instead beginning 1//1/18 so all members benefit from those funds.


Membership Chairperson- Terry Perry reported we now have 67 members. We welcomed Linda Divergilio as our newest member. There is a cap per Ernie of 64 golfers at one time for league play.


Sunshine Chairperson- Judy Thibeau reported that she had sent out several cards for various reasons over the summer, and she hoped that everyone would stay well in the future.


Rules Chairperson- No report.


Old Business- Betty Healey reported that historically $50 came out of our treasury to support The Toys for Tots Tournament. This year there is no tournament, but a group of individuals led by Harry B are going to get gifts for the children of approximately 20 families in the Bay.  Carol Mecanko made a motion for the league to donate $50.00 to this endeavor to help buy gifts.   Individual members may donate to this cause, directly to Betty Healy.  Kathy Mello seconded. The motion passed.


Other old business- Judy Rice  made a motion for a Standing Rules Revision, as it applies to the Tuesday league sign up.  All contestants wanting to play in the following week’s tournament must sign up by Thursday afternoon.  If the deadline is missed, then the Director of League play may be notified.  If there is an opening within the golfer’s handicap range, that golfer may be allowed to play.  Kathy Mello seconded the motion. The motion carried.


New Business:    On Tuesday, 12/5/17 Denise Kately of the 9 Hole League will be representing the SOS Cookie Drive, as she does annually.  This group prepares and ships cookies to our soldiers monthly.  She will be at the Pro Shop to accept our donations of cookies or cash donations to help defray in the shipping costs.



Board Election of Officers.   Vice President Roberta Kessler, who served as

Head of the Nominating Committee read the names of the candidates and asked for any nominations from the floor.  Prior to the meeting Kathy Mello asked that her name be removed from the ballot.


There were two offices that had candidates in contention; Secretary and Rules Chairman.


Vice President, Roberta Kessler, passed out ballots for the election. The General Membership approved the 2018 Officers as follows:



President- Judy Rice

Vice- President- Roberta Kessler

Secretary- Raylene McSally

Treasurers- Beth Gillette

Director of League Play- Joanne Plasse

Handicap Chairpersons- Brenda Duke and Carol Mecanko

Rules Chairperson- Cookie Shaw

Social Chairperson- Julia Strom 


President Judy Rice will also be appointing members to the positions of Membership, Special Events and Sunshine.


After the voting was over, Judy Rice advised us a few members, who were absent for this vote, wondered if there was an absentee ballot for elections. She read a letter from a member, who was unable to attend the meeting, requesting that the Board look into absentee ballots or moving the date of the elections to December so more members could be present. Currently there is no provision for an absentee ballot in the Association’s by-laws.   Discussions ensued regarding both suggestions.  Kathy Mello made a motion to make no changes to the by-laws regarding absentee ballots or the timing of the election.   Patty Wright seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Betty Healy made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Patty Wright seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 12:02 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

RuthAnn Funari, Secretary         


BFB Ladies 18 hole Golf Association

General Membership Meeting

April 11, 2017


President Judy Rice called the meeting to order at 11:35 AM followed by the pledge of allegiance. Board members present were Roberta Kessler, RuthAnn Funari, Betty Healy, Joanne Plasse. Terry Perry, Beth Gilette, Judith Gagon, Julia Strom, Sharlene Coates, Cookie Shaw, and Judy Thibeau were absent.


Secretary's Report- Judy Skene made the motion to accept the minutes from the January, 17, 2017 General Membership Meeting, that all members could read on the BB golf website. Betty Healy seconded. Motion carried.


Treasurers Report- Robert Kessler read the report on Beth Gilette's behalf. There is a checkbook balance of $3,843.30 as of 3/31/17. Of these funds, $951.00 will be disbursed to the following: CTP Expenses, Hole in One, Ringer Board, and Clean Up/ Bar Fee from CTP to leave $2,892.30 as available funds. Please refer to attached Treasurer's March 2017 Report. The report carried.


Vice President's Report- Roberta Kessler assured members that Joanne Plasse would receive her President's Cup gift at the Holiday Party. The plaque is up at the 19th hole.


Director of League Play Report- Joanne Plasse announced that Thursday PM was the cut off for signing up for the following week's play. She read Judy Rice’s note regarding late sign ups.  Judy Farrell made the suggestion to have a wait list for those who signed up late.  It will be taken under advisement.  In order to avoid congestion on ‘shot gun start days’ Joanne suggested signing in and moving our carts away from the porch when possible. A suggestion was made to have golf cart 'number' signs be placed along the cart path adjacent to the pro shop.  This will be looked into.


Handicap Chairperson- No report.


Special Events Chairperson- Roberta Kessler read the report in Sharlene Coates absence. Sharlene had left a 'Mad Hatter 2017 Invitational Wrap Up'. See attached


Lynn Pfenniger believes that the policy of making a profit should be a membership decision. Joanne Plasse, with the President’s permission, spoke on behalf of the board.  She explained how the decision to make a profit for the association was made at the February Board meeting and this decision was based upon similar practices at other clubs. Joanne pointed out that the board was elected by the members to act on behalf of the members.  If anyone is unhappy with how the Board is running the league we will be more than happy to step down and allow others to take over the reins.  A question was asked regarding the profits from the sale of the 50/50 and mulligans.  Joanne indicated that in the past the mulligan profit was used to defray the cost for decorations and other expeditures, however this year, since we made a profit, we will earmark the $143 profit made from 50/50s and mulligans to the charity of our choice.   Sharlene received a huge round of applause for a great job.


Social Chairperson- Judy Rice reported for Julie Strom. The Holiday Luncheon will tentatively be held at Yellow Dog.   Final information will be available before our next general meeting in October.


Membership Chairperson-  Currently there are 66 members.


Sunshine Chairperson- In Judy Thibeau's absence, it was reported that five cards were sent to various club members; Judy Rice- sympathy, Anastasia Bapiste- Get well, Bert Webster- sympathy on behalf of his wife, Irene, Carol Reynolds- Get Well, and Terry Perry- Get Well on behalf of her husband.


Rules Chairperson- No Rules Report. We follow USGA rules.


President's Report- No Report.


Old Business- In the future, Invitational Tournament Notices will be posted in the pro shop under the framed glass display cabinet on the left as you enter the shop from the front. Also a page will be added to the website, noting these invitational events.   A new Golf Genius System will be introduced replacing the old system we’ve been using.  It should be in use by the end of September 2017.


New Business- There will be an advisory committee to review standing rules and report back to the members in January 2018. The intention is to have everyone receive a copy of the rules, and to sign indicating that the rules have been, received, read, and understood.




Closing- Judy Rice closed the meeting at 12:08 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

RuthAnn Funari


Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association

General Membership Meeting

January 17, 2017

President Judy Rice called the meeting to order at 12:21p.m. followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Secretary's Report- Kathy Mello made the motion to accept the minutes from the November 1, 2016 General Membership Meeting as emailed to the membership. Betty Healy seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report- Beth Gillette reported a budgeted amount of $2,468 for the beginning of 2017. Please refer to the attached Treasurer's Report. There was a discussion about still being able to put in $2 in the Hole-in-One Pot, and also, still being able to join the Ringer Board, that Carol Reynolds is in charge of this year. Betty Healy made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report and Joan Clement seconded. Motion carried.

Vice President's Report- Roberta Kesslar, also Chairperson for Away Special Events, spoke about her preparations for this year's BFB's Women's 18 Hole League Invitational. Roberta has updated the Invitational Form Letter and is sending it to participating clubs' women's golf associations, inviting their participation. This year's Invitational is called, Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and will be held on March 28. Roberta presented Paula Gerad with a Hole in One Award for 2016.

Director League of Play- Joanne Plasse summarized some new scoring procedures. She will be returning incorrect score cards to a group making

an error. Copies of their scorecard will be emailed to the foursome with a description of the error that was made. This is in an effort to reduce the number of ESC errors. The handicap Chairperson will be entering all players scores on a hole by hole basis, instead of total score. Membership was reminded of a standing rule, and subsequent penalty for playing on League Day and leaving for any reason other than illness or emergency. This standing rule has been in effect since March 2000. There was clarification on when to pick up the ball, when excessive strokes occur. A golfer is to use common sense, and record the most likely score. The player must evaluate, and use her best judgment. By picking up, the golfer is disqualified from winning a money prize for the round. If the hole is not counted in a league game, a golfer could pick up and take their max handicap for that hole. Any members with requests to play with certain golfers or have suggestions for games, Joanne will do her best to accommodate these.

Handicapping Chairperson- Betty Healy had no report.

Special Events Chairperson- Sharlene Coates, CTP Coordinator, reported a balance of $94.00 would be allocated for a bar bill for the Farmer in the Dell players. Gert Finnegan volunteered to cook for this event, and provided the choice of a meat and a meatless selection.

Social Chairperson- Julia Strom asked for suggestions concerning the Holiday party.

Membership Chairperson- Terry Perry reported there are four new members. Jackie Dukes, Elaine Parsons, June Sotir and Pat Saxton will join the 63 members of this year's league.

Sunshine Chairperson- Judy Rice reported that we are supporting our members that have been ill, had accidents in their family and have lost a family member. A card was circulated to sign for Diane Paradis, who has been ill. A card was sent to Kathy Mello, whose brother passed away. Gail Morrison, also received a card for her son-in-law and grand daughter, who were critically injured in a car accident. A GoFundMe site has been established for the family.

Rules Chairperson- Cookie Shaw explained the answers to three rules questions. Drainage pipes: Ernie has designated these permanent hazards with red lines. All red hazard rules apply; no grounding of club, if unplayable, hit a provisional, one stroke penalty. Gravel paths: Example between holes 17 and 18, take the closest point of relief. Wiping ball on the green: You may wipe off the ball on the green, as long as you are not testing the putting surface.

Golf Committee Chairperson: No report

Presidents Report: Judy Rice reinforced what had already been stated concerning incorrect scoring of cards, and reminded golfers that you do not have to play your ball all the way to the hole on non-team events.

Old Business: Brenda Duke motioned to adopt Article VI Section 1: The elected officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of League Play, Handicapping Chairperson, Rules Chairperson, and Social Chairperson. Marilyn Coulbourne seconded.

The motion passed.

New Business: There was discussion about having the Tuesday League CTP Challenge be split between AB and CD players. There was a vote with 25 yea and 18 nays. The yeas had it, and split prize CTP will be in effect during the next league play.

Lynn Pfenninger made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Carol Reynolds seconded. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

RuthAnn Funari, Secretary

NOVEMBER 1, 2016

Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association

General Membership Meeting

November 1, 2016

President Roberta Kessler called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Ernie Cruz addressed the League about handicaps and how the handicap system is used. Barefoot Bay Golf Club uses the GHIN System to record member’s handicaps. The handicap systems are designed so each person can compete on the same level. The handicap is based on your best 10 scores from your last 20 rounds posted. Ernie asks that we play as hard and as honest as we can, post our scores and our handicaps should reflect how we play.

Secretary’s Report – Roberta reminded the membership that the minutes from the last General Membership Meeting were posted on the web page. Betty Healy made the motion to accept the minutes as posted. Julia Strom seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Judy Gagnon reported a bank balance of $2,042.28. $926.50 of the balance are the CTP, Hole-In-One and Ringer Board. Mary Ann Martin made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Joan Clements seconded. Motion carried.

Vice-President’s Report – Judy Rice had no report at this time.

Director of League Play - Joanne Plasse reported everything is going great. The Tournament for the 18/9 Holers will be November 8th; this will be a shotgun start at 8:30. Members should sign-up in the Pro Shop.

Handicap Chairperson – Betty Healy had no report.

Membership Chairperson - Terry Perry reported we now have 67 members. We welcomed two new members – Gail Morrison and Peggy Kerr (Welcome Ladies).

Rules Chairperson - Cookie Shaw had no report. However, Terry Perry had a question about the drainage ditch on #6. Cookie explained the ditch is not a free drop. If your ball enters the ditch and you cannot hit from the spot the ball lies, you may take a drop (no closer to the hole) with a one-stroke penalty.

Sunshine Chairperson- Jane Cypher reported she had sent “Get Well” to Anastasia Baptiste after her surgery. Roberta announced that Nancy Soucy’s husband had pasted suddenly. Our Prayers go out to Nancy.

Golf Committee Chairperson – Joanne Plasse reported several of the sand traps had been repaired with new sand and drainage.

She reported several Tournaments are coming up soon – Toys-for-Tots – Nov. 12th; Sadie Hawkins – Nov. 19th; Night Golf – Dec. 2nd. Our CTP Tournament is scheduled for Jan. 17th.

At the upcoming meeting of the Golf Committee the subject of Single Membership vs. Family Membership will be presented.

Social Chairperson – Gert Finnegan reported our Christmas Luncheon would be December 7th at the Eagle’s Nest in Sebastian. The price is $17.00 each and checks should be made to BB 18 Holers and put in the drop box in the Ladies room.

Special Events Chairperson – No Report

Old Business – Roberta reported that it had been brought to her attention that we should have a shotgun start on the second day of the President’s Cup
Tournament. This would assure that everyone would finish about the same time and we could have a luncheon or celebration afterwards. This was agreed on by the membership.

Other old business – The Vice-President will be collecting our donation for Serine Harbor. If you would like to donate please see Judy Rice.

Betty Healy made a motion for the League to donate $50.00 to the Toy-for-Tots Tournament. Judy Rice seconded. Motion carried.

New Business - The election of new officers of 2017. The nominating committee of Brenda Duke, Jane Cypher and Carol Mecanko presented the committee’s slate of officers. With no nominations from the floor. The General Membership approved the 2017 Officers as follows:

President – Judy Rice

Vice-President – Roberta Kessler

Secretary – Ruthann Fanari

Treasurer – Beth Gillette / Judy Gagnon

Director of League Play – Joanne Plasse

Handicap Chairperson – Betty Healy

Rules Chairperson – Cookie Shaw

Social Chairperson – Julia Strom

Judy Skene made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Beth Gillette seconded. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Duke, Secretary

APRIL 20, 2016


Barefoot Bay Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association

General Membership Meeting

April 12, 2016

President Roberta Kessler called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report - President Roberta ask if there were any corrections to the minutes as posted on the web page. Joanne Plasse made the motion to accept the minutes as posted. Lynda Flynn seconded. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Gert Finnegan reported a budget balance of $2,531.65. Judy Skene made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Terry Perry seconded. Motion carried.

Vice-President’s Report - Judy Rice had no report.

Director of League Play - Joanne Plasse reported everything is going well.

Handicap Chairman Report – No Report

Membership Chairman Report – Terry Perry had no report

Rules Chairman Report – No Report

Sunshine Chairman Report – Roberta Kessler reported in Jane Cypher’s absence. A “Thank You” had been sent to the 9 Hole Ladies for their help in our Invitational.

Social Chairman Report – Gert Finnegan reported. Gert ask that we have our Christmas Luncheon at the Eagle’s Nest again this year. Judy Skene made the motion to have the luncheon at Eagle’s Nest. Joanne Plasse seconded. Motion carried.

Special Events Chairman Report - Roberta reported a Thank You from Sharlene Coates for all the help she received during the Invitational.

Golf Committee - Joanne Plasse reported. Joanne explained why some traps had been repaired and other not. She said this was because of a drainage problem and it would be taken care of in the future.

The retaining wall on #10 is being repaired because it has become a hazard.

#12 is going to be reshaped- moving forward and closer to the sidewalk.

Questions were asked about the ponds being so low; this is the correct level for the ponds.

CHITS have been tabled at this time.

Old Business - No old business

New Business - Roberta reported the duties of the Vice-President had been changed. The Vice-President will now “Oversee the collection for the League’s Charitable Contributions (i.e.: Serene Harbor)”. The VP will also “Take care of Away Special Events”.

Roberta also talked about the election of Officers for the coming year. She asks if anyone is interested in holding an office for the 2017 year to please let her know.

Vice-President Judy Rice presented Carol Reynolds with a gift for winning the President’s Cup.

Nancy Soucy ask if we could have a shotgun start on the 2nd day of the President’s Cup Tournament. This will be brought up again at the October General Membership Meeting.

Gert Finnegan made motion to adjourn. Joanne seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Duke, Secretary



General Membership Meeting

January 12, 2016

President Roberta Kessler called the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report – President Roberta reminded members the minutes are posted on the web page. Beth Gillette made the motion to accept the minutes as posted. Charlene Tibbetts seconded. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report - Judy Thibeau reported she had reconciled the bank statement.The checkbook balance is $2,608.79. The new budget for 2016 will be ready shortly. Cookie Shaw made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Pat Lefebvre seconded. Motion carried.

Vice-President’s report - Judy Rice reported she had no report at this time.

Director of League Play - Joanne Plasse reported she would be doing the schedule for league play thru April. Beth Gillette has relinquished her duties to work on the Devereux Tournament. Joanne reported the sign-in sheet would now be back in the binder on top of the computer due to complaints about it being behind the door in the ladies room. Kathy Mello asks, “Was this a number of complaints or just a few”. Joanne said it was several complaints that warranted the change. Joanne also reported a change in the flight handicaps. All flights will now be 4-5 stroke difference (A-flight= 0-20); (B-flight=21-25); (C-flight=26-29) and (D-flight= 30-up). Please know your handicap to determine which flight you are in.

Membership Report - Terry Perry reported a total membership of 61. We have 4 new members; they are Marie Cree, Diana Paradis, Shirley Brewer and Doris McClintock. Terry passed around a new membership list for members to check phone numbers for any changes to be made. Roberta reported a prospective member about our association approached her. Someone told this person she should not join the 18 Holers but join the 9 Holers instead. Roberta ask that we welcome new members into our club not discourage them.

Rules Report - Cookie Shaw reported if anyone has any questions about a rule to please let he know. She will try to answer your questions and if she cannot she will go to the Pro for answers.

Sunshine Report - Jane Cypher reported she had received “Thank You” cards from the girls in the Pro Shop for their Christmas gifts. Jane also reported the donation given to the Kathy Ellwenger family will go to the Jr. Golf Program.

Golf Committee Report - Joanne Plasse reported that Ernie is trying to prioritize what has to be done on the course; overall drainage; 39 bunkers need to be reworked; tee box #12 need attention; pump house building needs to be improved. Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed. The handicap committee has set bylaws and guidelines. These are located at the computer desk in a binder. Joanne said the golf committee reported there would be absolutely no driving across golf course during hours of operation. New flags are being purchased – all white- with indicator flags on the stick to show front, center and back positions. The request to spruce up tee boxes has been put on hold.

A match play tournament is scheduled for 1/28-2/26. Members must play a qualifying round for seeding purposes.

Social Committee Chair – Gert Finnegan reported she had things ready for today’s luncheon.

Special Events Chair – Sharlene Coates reported a budget of $865 for today’s CTP Tournament. She has planned lots of winner’s. The winner’s will be announced after our luncheon. Sharlene thanked the volunteers who helped her.

New Business – Roberta announced a Hole-In-One today by Pat Lefebvre. Pat received $116.00. Congratulations Pat. Roberta thanked the 18 Holers for the Christmas gift presented to her for 2015 President.

Joanne Plasse announced she would be collecting for the Ringer Board. This will run from now thru April. Joanne explained the Ringer Board to the new members.

Old Business - No old business to report.

Sharlene Coates read the Blessing. MaryAnn Martin made the motion to adjourn. Deena Cason seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Duke, Secretary

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